Our sales ambassadors are the very core of the Abalingani Enterprises business model.  

We started this business with the view to create a vehicle for people in South Africa to, start their own business and provide either a primary or supplementary income.  

The perfect way to begin this venture is by selling Dinolo Mogudu the traditional African brand in your ‘kasi’.  Your customers can include spaza shops, local butcheries, friends, family and work colleagues.  You could also sell this fantastic product at community events like school sports days and church events.

Think about how much time you spend in the bus or taxi. There are people sitting around who might be tired and hungry and don’t want to cook tonight. Sell them a bag of delicious, ready-to-heat Mogudu!

At Abalingani our Sales Ambassadors are:

  • Hungry for success
  • enthusiastic
  • engaging
  • open to sharing ideas 


Are you ready to be part of this team !


Meet OUR growing team of Abalingani Sales Ambassadors....

Ambassador 1

Ambassador Desc 1

Ambassador 2

Ambassador Desc 2

Ambassador 3

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Ambassador 4

Ambassador desc 4

Ambassador 5

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Ambassador 6

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